Rabu, 16 September 2015

Random Though From That Room

Sometimes, I want to write about what I think. Not math, not algorithm. I'm a human, after all. I'm not a kind of person who can manipulate people with my voice. I'm not a good orator nor good singer. So, I think I can express my opinion by writing ( or typing :D).
In Junior High School, I'm not too active in extracuricular activity, except in OSIS, but in High School, I want to change something. I decided to enroll in KIR, and learn robotic. At first, I think it's just like other extracuricular activity I knew in Junior High School. I'm not a person who can befriend other people easily, so I only befriend a small group of people (since KIR had many members that time).
As the time goes by, I realized that the natural selection is real. The members decreased one by one. But, as the members decreased, I know more people and befriend with them.
But, there's no life without problem. We across many problem and sometimes there are some people who can't handle it and decided to leave. At first, I think we have > 40 people, and now, only 22 people :( .
But, it's the past. Let's talk about present time.
Now, we have only 22 members, but I can feel we're getting closer. I feel like they're my 2nd family, even we're not connected biologicaly. There are many people that at first, I dont have enough confidence to talk with them, but now, I can talk to them without problem.
And also I have something more to say , but I think it's better to keep them up as secret. :)

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